The engineering and computing school of TSTA offers a unique and excellent engineering education that will prepare future generations of engineers to the job market. The program will introduce our students to the theory and practice of engineering through lectures, labs, and exercises in engineering design, basic science, and applied math. During their studies, TSTA students get introduced to various engineering disciplines through lectures and demonstrations. TSTA engineering students will have the opportunity to gain professional experience through participating in internships or practical training programs with leading companies in various industries such as Oil and Gas.


To be Pioneers of higher education and scientific research of Engineering Field and distinguished in performance to reach the internationalism.  


A commitment to providing quality education based on academic accreditation and quality assurance standards.  


Our goal is to provide engineering graduates with both a strong base of technical knowledge and the complementary skills needed to be successful and professional engineers that meet region development needs.  


  • Computer Engineering.
  • Computer science

Faculty Programs