Diversity on Campus

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Diversity at TSTA

Since its founding in 2017, TSTA has welcomed a diverse community of students, faculty and staff. More than a year later – inspired by the principles of equality and respect for all – 

Diversity expands worldliness

College might be the first time a student has had the opportunity to have tangible interaction with people from diverse groups. Sometimes, we find ourselves isolated from other groups in schools, and our own neighborhoods. A college campus is like melting pot to the entire world without traveling anywhere else. Diversity enhances social development Interacting with people from a diversity of groups broadens a student’s social circle by increasing the pool of people with whom he/she can associate and develop relationships. Consider how boring a students’ discussions would be if they only they had friends who had everything shared with you. Diversity prepares students for the success of future career Successful presentation in today's diverse workforce necessitates sympathy to human differences and the aptitude to relate to people from dissimilar cultural backgrounds. The workforce is more diverse than at any time in any nation's history, and the percentage of an nation’s working-age population encompassed members of multiple minority groups.