Student Planner Information

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As a student, time is the most valuable and important resource you have at your disposal. Learning how to plan and manage your time effectively will help you gain the most from your academic life and create habits to help you in your future career. For a TSTA’s student, effectively planning out your days, weeks, and months can mean the difference between the success you dream of and falling short of your goals. Although our world is becoming increasingly digital, there are many benefits to using a more traditional planner. College and Career planning resources and tools to assist counselors, students and parents in supporting student’s education and career aspirations. A New Way to Register and Plan Your Degree Student planning is an innovative new way to plan and track your progress at TSTA. You can communicate and work with your advisor to create an academic plan and build a course schedule for future semesters. You will be able to plan your program, track your progress toward degree requirements, plan courses and build an academic plan, register for courses and explore your options all in one place. Student planning will empower you to take control of your education and help you access the information you need to graduate!