Note of Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dear Students,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the university faculty and staff, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to Tulip Academy Science and Technology TSTA . During your time with us, you will be given an opportunity to embark on a journey designed to fully advance your academic abilities as well as develop a skill set of capabilities that is essential for your progression as an individual who is actively involved in the advancement of the communities to which they belong. Through the past few months, TSTA has grown smoothly Academy. Today we are three faculties, as well as several institutes and centers, each with a unique story to be communicated as part of the greater TSTA story. Telling our story today is a vastly more complex task than it was befor. It is a task that calls us to reflect and project an integrated image that takes advantage of one of our most powerful resources, the TSTA brand. We set our goals and walk to them firmly and confidently, In the coming months new departments will be added to cover the need of the market and society. Our unique programs and valuable educational experiences promote leadership, innovation, and creativity to help our students achieve their full potential. The university combines excellent teaching practices and the latest technology with carefully selected, internationally renowned academic staff. In addition to the academic degree programs, TSTA offers continuing education courses that address the needs of career training, career change, or advancement. We look forward to supporting your academic success as well as your personal development needs and wish you a wonderful experience in the coming years with TSTA .